Taking a Stance - Coding Buddy - Podcast 001

By Tom Jaycocks | 25th July 2019 | 00:01:09


Let's see what you've been working on. OK. Wait for what. RICKY Why are you showing me this crap. Well, what's the problem. I'm following the coding standards. Ricky buddy what were you thinking this. This is not OK. Stop for a second and look at this screen. Really look at it. How does it make you feel? Not good. Exactly. I know I said I'd help but dude I can't work on this. Steve come on. My God isn't that bad.


What. Your kid's fine bro. It's your fucking light theme. Have you looked at this thing it's so goddamn bright pinging when you switch to a dark theme? And now I have a headache. I'm going to finish up the day at home. Have you seen my sunglasses? Doodle.


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