Taking a Stance - Family Tech Support - Podcast 002

By Tom Jaycocks | 25th July 2019 | 00:01:09


Almost got it. Emma. Honey is that you. Yeah. You call me. Oh hi, honey. I hate to bother your work but I was just talking with your Uncle Bill and his printer. It stopped working. OK. I mean that sucks. Well, I know how good you are with this sort of thing. So I told him you give me a call. Why would you say that? Because you're my little computer genius. I'm a programmer.


I know nothing about printers. I'm sure you know plenty. Uncle Bill needs your help. So you give me a call OK. I love you. Back. Could it be? OK. I see a red light. Now Lloyd maybe it's green. Oh shucks. I can't tell. Thanks, Mum.


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